I visited Melbourne and loved it.

Feels like the days are becoming shorter as I say "yes" to more things that come my way. Might not be a good thing - but if I stay organised, sacrifice sleep and stop getting distracted, the results would be oh so sweet. 

I'm resuming this blog because it'll help me stay accountable for my thoughts and actions. Projecting my intentions to everyone reading this could help me stay on track.

I just visited Melbourne, did a show, ate some great food and just took in the artistic vibes that surrounded me. Sometimes that's exactly what you need when you're unmotivated. 

Shehzar Abro in Melbourne, Victoria

Other than paid work, I haven't been painting. Those of you who follow me on Instagram can probably tell. While I've been attending animation classes, painting murals and adulting in general, I've found myself avoiding a sit-down with a canvas and some paints.

This week it is all going to change, however. Procrastination is a weakness - it is a good thing to acknowledge your weaknesses. If you don't, you will not grow.

I am also resuming this blog to relate to you guys. I'm always up for a chat on email and I promise I am going to try to reply to all my DMs on Facebook and Instagram. 

Let's also acknowledge that life's good and we are privileged in multiple ways. Be grateful to life. You get what you give - hence, give positive vibes to receive them. 

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