Curly Fries 


Rush - Vancouver Film School Demo Reel  (2020)

Animation by Shehzar Abro
Lighting and Compositing by Andres Delgado 
Texturing by Zubin Kuruvilla
Music by Taha G

Thank you to my mentors Casey Kwan, Brett Vanderkist, Craig Shiells, Colin Giles, Francois Van Eden, Myriam Casper, Alex Catamo, Airi Beltran. 


A 6-frame squirrel walk cycle animation I drew on Procreate. (2022)


Who You Are (2022)
A MEDA402 Project at University of the Fraser Valley

Music: Who We Are - Chad Lawson

Claire Woyke @claire_woy - Director
Justine Robinson @hey.its.justine - Choreographer and Cinematographer
Zubin Kuruvilla @artbound27 - Modeling and Texture Artist
Hao-Ting Liao @lht.dan - Houdini Simulations Artist
Shehzar Abro - Motion Capture Animator

A huge thank you to William Maher for his support.


An animated response to the issue surrounding the fate of the Gassy Jack monument in Gastown. (2021)

Made in Blender 2D