Animation Demo Reel


Sausage Party, Mia and Codie, and some personal shots coming soon in a new demo reel in July!

A Special Thanks

I am indebted to a lot of people for making this demo reel what it is. I really do believe that we are standing on the shoulders of giants and I have so much more to learn from them.

First and foremost, my parents enabled me to pursue animation as a career simply by encouraging and supporting my endeavors. I recall the advice my father gave me when I embarked on this artistic road. He said "What ever you end up doing, just be very good at it." I live by this advice. 

My first opportunity in the animation industry was given to me by Melissa Best. I joined the Centre for Entertainment Arts as an animation teaching assistant, which led me to meet inspiring and talented animation instructors such as Diego De La Rocha, Juan Franzius, Brett Vanderkist, and Drew Collins. I relentlessly bothered them to look at my shot and tell me what's wrong with it, and thankfully they did. My friend, Raquel Sardina has also saved the day multiple times when I am at a loss for inspiration with my animation. I am grateful to them for their generosity and patience towards me. A very special thanks to Andres Delgado (Lighting Artist) and Zubin Kuruvilla (Modeling and Surfacing Artist) for always making my animations look like a million dollars. It's always a pleasure working with you. You are both insanely talented individuals.

I was mentored by former Pixar animator, Michal Makarewicz, on my latest dialogue shot (Skeptic Monkey), which pushed my level faster than I could imagine. Wilson Leung and Diego De La Rocha also played a huge role in improving this shot as much as possible with their feedback. Lastly(but surely not the least), I wanted to thank Aymen Louadi, Steve Cady, and Justin Lee for their insights.