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Hello! I'm Shehzar Abro.

I specialize in image-making and storytelling.

I am a Pakistani artist based in Canada, between Vancouver and Toronto. With a multidisciplinary career as a visual artist spanning over 9 years, I have been working in various traditional and digital media such as murals, paintings, drawings, and animation. 

I have led and contributed to renowned projects globally in Canada, Australia, and Pakistan. Recently, I was a finalist in the Mississauga Arts Council MARTYS Awards 2024 and have also been awarded a mural commission by the High Commission of Pakistan in Australia. I formally studied the arts for 6 years, with two professional diplomas in animation and a bachelors degree in media arts. 

I love helping people record timeless moments with paintings, creating meaningful art that leaves a lasting impact. 

"Through my paintings, I explore the intersections of cultural identity, tradition, and modernity. Each piece is imbued with personal anecdotes and universal truths, offering a dialogue between past and present."

- Shehzar Abro, Artist

Selected paintings


Mohatta Palace

The client requested a striking black and white image of Mohatta Palace Museum in Karachi, known for its historical significance and once home to Fatima Jinnah. I delivered a painting that captured the building's architectural majesty and historical resonance through bold contrasts and architectural detail.


Fontana Di Trevi

One of my favourite buildings in the world! I painted this right after a trip to Rome, feeling inspired by European art and architecture


Abdul Sattar Edhi

I painted this artwork at the Pakistan Festival in Vancouver live, and it was later generously donated by the organisers to the Consulate General of Pakistan in Vancouver. It now lives their in one of its offices in Downtown, and it could not have found a better home!


Kobe Bryant

A very dear client of mine loved Kobe and is a huge basketball fan! So this painting meant the world to him.


Red Abstract

Red Abstract was an experiment in breaking free from the instinctual need for order and structure. I used unconventional materials like soap bars, string, leaves, wire, old dried brushes, and newspaper to apply paint. Immersed in the process, I focused on making the colors work compositionally. The result is this striking red acrylic piece on paper. I'm excited to create more works like this, potentially even a series! 

Comissioning an artwork

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Quote

Understand Your Space: Share the details of your space and your vision for the painting. 
Reach Out: Contact me to set up an initial 15-minute consultation to discuss your project. 
Quote: Within 1-2 business days after our consultation, I will provide a detailed quote based on your needs.

Step 2: Agreement and Planning

Contract and Payment: Upon acceptance of terms and fees, we'll sign a contract and process the payment. 
Design Phase: I'll create initial sketches and, with your feedback, refine them into a final concept for the painting.

Step 3: Painting Execution

Artwork Creation: With the approved design, I'll start creating the painting. This phase involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the artwork aligns with the agreed vision. 
Documentation: If desired, I can document the painting creation process through professional photos and a process video.

Step 4: Final Approval and Finishing  

  • Completion: After finishing the painting, I'll apply a high-quality finish to ensure longevity. 
  • Review and Photograph: You'll have the opportunity to review the completed painting. Professional photographs and any additional documentation will be provided within a week.


The Grand

Size: 60 x 40 inches
Timeline: 6 weeks

For those seeking a large, impactful piece of art. This package includes:

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.

High-Quality and Detailed Finish: Complex artwork tailored to your vision.

Mock-ups and Revisions: 2 free mock-up revisions.

Premium Materials: Only the finest and most premium paints and canvases used.

Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for extended longevity.

The Grand Canvas Package Exclusive:

Video Documentation: A professionally produced video of the creation process.

Professional Framing:
Custom High Quality Framing Included



The Signature

Size: 40 x 30 inches
Timeline: 4 weeks

High-quality artistry at a more accessible size.This package includes:

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.

Signature Style Artwork:
Detailed artwork in my signature style.

Mock-ups and Revisions:
1 free mock-up revision.

Professional & Eco-friendly Materials:
High-quality and environmentally conscious paints and materials.

Enhanced Finishing:
Sealing the artwork for longevity. The Signature Piece Package Exclusive:

Professional Photographs:
High-resolution images of the completed painting.

Professional Framing:
Exhibition standard frame included



The Abstract

Size: 40 x 30 inches
Timeline: 3 weeks

Transform your space with captivating abstract art, harnessing line, shape, and color to evoke emotion. This package Includes:

1-hour session to discuss your preferences and vision.

Custom Abstract Artwork:
Tailored to evoke emotion and complement your space.

Mock-ups and Revisions: 1 free revision to ensure the artwork aligns with your aesthetic.

High-Quality Materials:
Use of premium paints and canvas for durability and vibrancy.

Professional Framing: Exhibition standard frame included



The Intimate

Size: 24 x 18 inches
Timeline: 3 weeks

A smaller, yet impactful piece. This package includes:

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.

Tailored Design: Customized to your specifications.

Revisions: 1 free revision for concept.

Professional and Eco-friendly Materials: High-quality and environmentally conscious paints and materials.

Enhanced Finishing:
Sealing the artwork for longevity.



The MiniS 

Size: 2 Artworks of 7 x 7 inches
Timeline: 2 weeks

Two compact and affordable pieces of original art. This package includes:

Consultation: Understanding your vision and preferences.

Custom Artwork:
Tailored to specifications.

Revisions: 1 free revision for concept.

High-Quality Materials: Premium paints and canvas.

Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for longevity.




Custom high resolution digital artwork painted, printed, and framed for your space. This package includes:

Consultation: Understanding your vision and preferences.

Custom Digital Artwork: Tailored to specifications. 

Revisions: 1 free revision for concept.

High-Quality Printing: Premium materials and printing techniques.

Custom Digital Artworks are printed, signed and one of a kind




Additional Digital Concept Sketch: $250 per extra concept to visualize various design options. The first concept is included in all packages. 

Additional Revisions:
$120 per extra design revision beyond the included package.

Professional Video Documentation:
For $600 you can have a behind-the-scenes video of the painting creation.


More Artwork Examples

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Paintings - Commission an Artwork by Shehzar Abro,


 "Shehzar was recommended by my friend . Very talented and versatile. 

Shehzar, I would like to say a massive thank you for a fabulous polo painting. Rich in color, and texture! I could not be happier!!! Thank you for your art and your professional care. I will be back to buy more!!! Your art takes the room! 

Thank you so much!"
Sarah Khan
London, United Kingdom
 "His work is a not just any piece of art, it's not just beautiful and inspirational but there is a bold and confident aura in his work, as if every splash of paint is proud of where it belongs. 

Every painting speaks for itself and that's the most enigmatically beautiful quality in his work."
Maryam Sami Khan
United States

""My approach to painting involves an interplay of form and movement, using light and shadow to create a sense of depth and drama. It is a cinematic exploration where composition and character shape the narrative."" 

""Embracing a transmedia form of storytelling, my paintings interact with other mediums like drawing and animation. This fusion allows me to communicate complex themes and emotions, creating a rich, multidimensional experience for the viewer."  
- Shehzar Abro

We might be a good fit if...

You believe in the transformative power of art to inspire.

Supporting artists in their creative pursuits is important to you  

You have a personal story to tell 

You seek personalised art pieces that are meaningful and impactful. 


How do I get started with commissioning an artwork?

To get started, reach out to me with details about your space and vision. I will schedule a 15-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs and provide a quote within 1-2 business days.

What is included in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation involves understanding your vision, space dynamics, and the desired emotional impact of the artwork. We will discuss the scope, style, and other specifics to provide an accurate quote.

How do I know the cost for an artwork that has different dimensions than the offered packages?

Every space is different! The above prices are a good estimate based on standard sizes. However, If your artwork dimensions differ from the offered packages, I will provide a customized quote based on your specific needs after consultation. 

How long does the artwork creation process take?  

The timeline varies by package, complexity, and other considerations. 

What materials do you use for the artworks?

I use the finest eco-friendly paints and materials to ensure exceptional depth, texture, and longevity for each artwork. 

Can I request revisions during the conceptualization phase?

Yes, revisions are included: 
Masterpiece Package: 2 free revisions 
Signature Package: 1 free revision 
Elegant and Simple Package: 1 free revision 
Digital Artwork Package: 1 free revision Additional revisions are available for $250 each.

How do you ensure the artwork fits perfectly in my space?

I provide detailed digital mock-ups and concept sketches to visualize how the artwork will integrate into your space, ensuring alignment with your preferences before execution.

Can you document the creation process through photos and videos?

Yes, professional documentation is available.

What if I have more questions or need support during the project?

I provide ongoing support throughout the project. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and I'll be happy to assist you.