Community Animation Project


I seamlessly transfer between a digital and physical space, to interact with and understand the place I am in. What happens if I am stuck somewhere in the middle and unable to move from that place? I will be neither here, nor there - and that is an unsettling thought; to not be anywhere. Yet I wander, in an infinite blank space, attempting to perform the act of doing nothing. To be here(or there), we require a presence of mind that is constantly diverted by the attention economy. 

“We Are Here" is a statement about being in a place. These words are said in various contexts meaning similar things. They bring about a common consciousness through language. The phrase "We Are Here" recognises the similarities and differences in people's contexts and thrives based on collaboration in a global, digital, and creative community of individuals. 

A pandemic stricken world currently depends on digital communications as a way to not only foster relationships while sheltering ourselves from the virus, but also place meaning to an array of global and local issues in our community. Our confined spaces serve the purpose of social distancing, but leave us uninspired and create a need for being part of something bigger.

In the frustration of finding myself increasingly indoors, I began to pay even more attention to the digital. For this project, I created an Augmented Reality painting showcasing a community animation project.This animation is a collaborative effort of my digital community. The keyframes of this animation are designed by the project participants.

Shehzar Abro

Progress Images 

Acrylic on Canvas
26x18 inches

Link to the Augmented Reality experience:

Link to the animation:

Close up of painting


Stills from animation


Banner Design


Testing the AR experience