Discover D'Art Fest

In a country of 200 million people, the music scene is represented by a select few legends. The same artists are glorified and then over glorified leaving a lack of a platform and traction for the music lower on the hierarchy of fame.
With this view in mind, I would like to take an artist whose music genuinely impacts me and blow them out of proportions. This is out of curiosity of how this artist’s music will be received by other people who may not have heard of her.

During my stay in Newcastle, Australia, I painted a man who founded a small scale organisation to help “Renew” Newcastle. Over the next ten years, this organisation did more for the city than the government itself – in terms of the arts, events and small business investments. When I paid tribute to Marcus Westbury for his efforts through this organisation via a public mural, passers-by remarked “there are better people to paint.” However, my aim is not to paint the best people of Pakistan – it is to pay tribute to an art scene that is more underground. Discover, a music, arts and fashion platform, seems like the perfect place to implement this idea.