Impact I was the inaugural exhibition aimed at reviving a dormant gallery space in the Movenpick Hotel Karachi. I used this space to invite 17 young artists to showcase their works. I also took on the wider role of marketing for this exhibition. The opening was attended by over 700 local art lovers, and half the artworks were sold. Some of the artists sold their first works in this show. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience to be able to orchestrate this show.

Featured artists at Impact


Impact II was an inaugural show at Gallery One62 in Karachi. It featured works of several artists, national and international, showcasing various mediums including paintings and video installations. The exhibition itself was a second iteration of the first Impact, held at Movenpick three years ago.

Art One62 is a joint collaboration between Gallery One62 based in Australia and ArtKaam Gallery in Karachi to provide a space for local and global art, encouraging artists from both to come together under one gallery, hosting all forms of art.