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Hello! I'm Shehzar Abro.

I specialize in image-making and storytelling.

I am a Pakistani artist based in Canada, between Vancouver and Toronto. With a multidisciplinary career as a visual artist spanning over 9 years, I have been working in various traditional and digital media such as murals, paintings, drawings, and animation. 

I have led and contributed to renowned projects globally in Canada, Australia, and Pakistan. Recently, I was a finalist in the Mississauga Arts Council MARTYS Awards 2024 and have also been awarded a mural commission by the High Commission of Pakistan in Australia. I formally studied the arts for 6 years, with two professional diplomas in animation and a bachelors degree in media arts. 

I  love helping people express themselves through their space with murals. Turning typical environments into highly unique and beautiful art experiences. 

On this page, I will show you some of my favourite mural projects I have previously done for clients. I will also take you through the process of creating a mural, and break down the different mural packages I offer for residential and commercial spaces.

Selected mural projects


Pakistan High Commission, Canberra

Pakistan's foreign mission wanted a patriotic and historic mural representing the colors and founding fathers of the country. This mural is on the facade of the High Commission of Pakistan in Australia.


The Roost Creative, Newcastle

A creative co-working space wanted to activate the façade of their building with a mural of relevant subject matter. The public facing mural featuring Marcus Westbury, themed around revitalisation and renewal, made local headlines and was received extremely well by the community.


Movenpick Hotel, Karachi

A luxury hotel brand needed a mural to uplift their restaurant and give it an Italian touch.  


Monas Restaurant, Newtown

An Indonesian restaurant wanted to see their culture represented in the ambience of their restaurant, remembering the iconic skyline of Jakarta and it's people in an intricate and vibrant fashion. 

"Through bold and carefully curated artistic choices, I aim to elevate each space to reflect the individuality and culture of the environment."

- Shehzar Abro, Artist

Comissioning a mural for your space

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Quote

Understand Your Space: Share the details of your space and your vision for the mural. 
Reach Out: Contact me to set up an initial 15-minute consultation to discuss your project. 
Quote: Within 1-2 business days after our consultation, I will provide a detailed quote based on your needs.

Step 2: Agreement and Planning

Contract and Payment: Upon acceptance of terms and fees, we'll sign a contract and process the payment. 
Design Phase: I'll create initial sketches and, with your feedback, refine them into a digital mock-up that will serve as the key concept for the mural.

Step 3: Mural Execution

Artwork Creation: With the approved design, I'll start painting the mural. This phase involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the artwork aligns with the agreed vision. Documentation:  If desired, I can document the mural creation process through professional photos and a process video
Community Involvement Options: To make the mural more special, we can organise a community involvement aspect where you and your community can contribute to the mural.

Step 4: Final Approval and Finishing  

  • Completion: After finishing the mural, I'll seal it with a high-quality finish to ensure longevity. 
  • Review and Photograph: You'll have the opportunity to review the completed mural. Professional photographs and any additional documentation will be provided within a week.

Timelapse of the High Commission Mural

Pricing and Timelines

*Based on a 10x10 ft (100 sqft) mural



Timeline: 2 months

For those seeking the pinnacle of artistry and craftsmanship, and don't like rushing the process. This package includes:

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.
High Quality and Detailed Finish Mural: Detailed and complex artwork tailored to your vision.
Mock-ups and Revisions: 2 free mock-up revisions
Premium Materials: Only the finest and most premium paints used to realise this artwork
Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for extended longevity

The Masterpiece Package Exclusive:
Maintenance: 2 year annual complimentary site visits for maintenance
Video Documentation: A professionally produced video of the creation process.




Timeline: 1 month 

High-quality artistry at a more accessible level and shorter timeline. This package includes: 

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.
Mural Creation in my Signature style: Detailed artwork in my signature style.
Mock-ups and Revisions: 1 free mock-up revision
Professional & Eco-friendly Materials: High quality and environmentally conscious paints and materials.
Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for longevity

The Signature Package Exclusive:
Maintenance: 1 year annual complimentary site visit for maintenance




Timeline: 3 weeks

A mural which utilises simplicity, shape, form, color, and lines to create an emotional impact. This package includes:

Consultation: 1-hour space visit and ongoing discussions.
Minimalistic Design: Tailored to your specifications.
Mock-ups and Revisions: 1 free mock-up revision
Professional and Eco-friendly Materials: High quality and environmentally conscious paints and materials.
Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for longevity




Timeline: 2 weeks

Custom ultra-high resolution digital artwork designed and installed in your space. This package includes:

Understanding your vision and preferences.
Custom Digital Artwork: Tailored to specifications.
Mock-ups and Revisions: 1 free revision.
High-Quality Printing: Premium materials and printing techniques.
Professional Installation: Coordination with installers.
Enhanced Finishing: Sealing the artwork for longevity


Starting from $650


Timeline: 1 week

Affordable and flexible way to enhance your space with a pre-existing original mural design. This package includes:

Annual Subscription:
Starting from a $650 per year residential licence for access and license to install any of the curated selection of designs. 
Extra Installations: One mural installation is included per year. Additional $300 fee per installation. 
Deliverables: Pre-selected Designs and one high-quality mural vinyl Installation
Sizing and Mock-ups: Visualisation of mural tailored to your space Professional Installation: Coordination with installers.
Customization: Small Modifications to existing designs possible for a fee. 




Additional Digital Mock-Ups:  $250 per extra mock-up to visualize various design options. The first mock up is included in all packages. 

Additional Revisions: $120 per extra design revisions beyond the included package.

Community Involvement Workshop:
For $600 a day, engage your community in the mural creation process. 

Professional Video Documentation: For $1200, you can have a behind-the-scenes video of the mural creation. (included in Masterpiece Package)

One-Year Maintenance and Care: 
$500 (included in Masterpiece and Signature Packages) Annual site visit and maintenance guidelines.

Interactive Elements
Custom pricing 
Animation, Augmented reality or tactile components.  


"Driven by curiosity and a passion for observing and documenting people and the world we live in, my work is an emotional response to individuals, surroundings, and stimuli." 


Shehzar was able to visualise a concept and pitch it to our board, winning a commission to realise his artwork on our building’s façade.

Upon approval the process was quick and streamlined, with the finished product delivered as anticipated. Due to the subject matter and relevance, The Roost was able to leverage the story of the artwork, including Shehzar’s prominence, to garner media coverage including a front-page feature in The Newcastle Herald, ABC Radio and local and international digital media.

 We have no doubt that Shehzar will leave his mark on many other cities around the world and look forward to seeing his success as an artist amplify
Bec Dujin  
General Manager, The Roost Creative  
 Shehzar was engaged by Movenpick Hotel for painting a 25x10 ft mural for our iconic Italian restaurant, La Mamma. 

 We found him very creative, disciplined and has the perfect hand of a fine painter. On completion, the mural was alive and breathing. It has become a significant feature of the restaurant and has been appreciated by most of our guests. 

 We are thankful and impressed by his skills and confidently predict that he will be a popular name in the global art scene in the future."  
Mirza Mansoor Ahmad
General Manager, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts
"Reacting to an underlying impulse, I am serving a human need to express myself, share stories of others, and be part of something bigger than myself."  
- Shehzar Abro

We might be a good fit if...

You believe in the transformative power of art to inspire.

Supporting artists in their creative pursuits is important to you  

You have a personal story to tell 

You seek personalised art pieces that are meaningful and impactful. 


How do I get started with commissioning a mural?

To get started, reach out to me with details about your space and vision. I will schedule a 15-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs and provide a quote within 1-2 business days.

What is included in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation involves understanding your vision, space dynamics, and the desired emotional impact of the artwork. We will discuss the scope, style, and other specifics to provide an accurate quote.

How do I know the cost for a mural that has different dimensions than the offered packages?

Every space is different! The above prices are a good estimate based on a standard 10x10 foot wall. However, If your mural dimensions differ from the offered packages, I will provide a customized quote based on your specific needs after consultation. 

How long does the mural creation process take?  

The timeline varies by package, complexity, and other considerations. Here are some estimates: 

Masterpiece Package: Approximately 2 months
Signature Package: Approximately 1 month 
Abstract Package: Approximately 3 weeks 
Digital Artwork Package: Approximately 2 weeks
Mural Licensing Package: Approximately 1 week

What materials do you use for the murals?

I use the finest eco-friendly paints and materials to ensure exceptional depth, texture, and longevity for each mural.

Can I request revisions during the conceptualization phase?

Yes, revisions are included: 
Masterpiece Package: 2 free revisions 
Signature Package: 1 free revision 
Elegant and Simple Package: 1 free revision 
Digital Artwork Package: 1 free revision Additional revisions are available for $250 each.

What if I want to involve my community in the mural creation process?

Community involvement is available as an additional option for $600. I can organize workshops or events to foster a sense of ownership and connection to the artwork.

How do you ensure the mural fits perfectly in my space?

I provide detailed digital mock-ups and concept sketches to visualize how the artwork will integrate into your space, ensuring alignment with your preferences before execution.

Do you offer maintenance services for the murals?

Yes, maintenance services are included
Masterpiece Package: Two years of care
Signature Package: One year of care 
Abstract Package: Free care guide

Can you document the mural creation process through photos and videos?

Yes, professional documentation is available: 
Masterpiece Package: Included 
Available to purchase as an add-on for other packages

What are the costs associated with mural artwork licensing?

The Mural Artwork Licensing Package includes: 
Annual Subscription: $600 per year for access to a curated selection of designs
Additional Installations: $300 additional fee per installation

What factors can vary the price of a mural?

Several factors can influence the price, including: 
Size and complexity of the mural 
Surface preparation and material costs 
Location and accessibility of the space 
Additional services (e.g., community involvement, documentation)

How do you finalize the mural once it's complete?

Upon final approval, the mural will be sealed with a high-quality finish and professionally photographed. Any documentation and photos will be provided within a week of completion.

What is the process for digital artwork packages?

The Digital Artwork Package includes: 
Comprehensive consultation 
Custom digital artwork creation 
Detailed mock-ups 
High-quality printing 
Professional installation and finishing

What if I have more questions or need support during the project?

I provide ongoing support throughout the project. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and I'll be happy to assist you.

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