Let me paint you a picture!

- Shehzar Abro, Live Wedding Artist
Live the moment, and then cherish it forever
When I was asked to paint at a wedding for the first time, I imagined a beautiful renaissance moment in my head. Before cameras, the painters recorded these timeless moments of joy. 

Couples want to remember their wedding day. They want their guests to have a good time. And most importantly, they want to celebrate their love and culture.  
The Process
  •  The painting takes 4-5 hours including set up time  
  • I use acrylic paint, which does not smell and dries quickly.  
  • The materials I use are archival quality  
  • The canvas will be 18x26 inches  
  • The canvas will be stretched on a wooden frame.  
  • The painting can be picked up 2 days after the event  
  • All precautions will be taken to ensure paint does not drip on the floor
  • Local COVID-19 guidelines are strictly followed. This includes wearing a mask and social distancing
How much does it cost?
Live Art Performance at venue and a 18" x 26'' painting of your wedding day - $1000

Live Art Performance at venue and a 24 x 36" painting of your wedding day - $1400

Inquire for other canvas sizes and customised requests.
How can I book?
Bookings are currently open for Winter and Spring 2021 in Vancouver. 

If your wedding isn't in Vancouver, I can travel subject to COVID-19 restrictions. Email me with your wedding dates and location, and we can discuss travel options. 

Not getting married?

Get me to paint live at your event

I love to paint in public settings. So if youve got an event coming up, enquire now to have me capture your big moment!

About us

About us