"This is to state that Mr Shehzar Abro arrived in Newcastle in December 2016. He didn't take long to establish his prominence as a mural artist. Whilst undertaking work with the premier art gallery in the region, he painted an 8 ft mural in the city's Central Business District. The artwork was covered by the media extensively in Newcastle as well as Pakistan, with the 19 year old making front page of the Herald Newspaper and interviewed on ABC Radio.
Shehzar has already exhibited twice in a group show and charity auction in the region, representing Pakistan wherever he goes. He also holds strong links to Karachi as an active member of the Karachi Biennale. Shehzar Abro recently exhibited at the Sindh Artists Group Show at Arts Council in Karachi, Pakistan. The Pakistan High Commission in Australia is also quite keen on commissioning a mural by him in the near future.
Given his talent, achievements and age, I am confident that Shehzar will make Pakistan proud nationally and internationally."
- Naela Chohan, High Commissioner, Pakistan High Commission in Australia
Canberra, Australia

"Shehzar was a non conformist, as my student at A Levels. One could sense that he was sitting on the threshold of a creative journey, all his own. He has been unafraid, a dreamer, and I know that his search will take him far beyond the ordinary."
- Amra Ali, Art Critic
Karachi, Pakistan

"Shehzar Abro was a member of our community for six months and during this time he displayed enthusiasm, initiative and a strong sense of collaboration. He was able to visualise a concept and pitch it to our board, winning a commission to realise his artwork on our building’s façade.
Upon approval the process was quick and streamlined, with the finished product delivered as anticipated. Due to the subject matter and relevance, The Roost was able to leverage the story of the artwork, including Shehzar’s prominence, to garner media coverage including a front-page feature in The Newcastle Herald, ABC Radio and local and international digital media.
We have no doubt that Shehzar will leave his mark on many other cities around the world and look forward to seeing his success as an artist amplify."
- Bec Dujin, General Manager, The Roost Creative
Newcastle, Australia

"Shehzar is a dynamic young man with a bright future ahead of him. He is passionate about the arts and has innovative ideas. He has the energy and ability to make things happen. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors."
- Amin Gulgee, Chief Curator, Karachi Biennale
Karachi, Pakistan

"Shehzar was engaged by Movenpick Hotel Karachi for painting a 25x10 ft mural for our iconic Italian restaurant, La Mamma. We found him very creative, disciplined and a perfect hand of a fine painter. On completion, the mural was alive and breathing. It has become a significant feature of the restaurant and has been appreciated by most of our guests. We are thankful and impressed by his skills and confidently predict that he will be a popular name in the global art scene in the future."
- Mirza Mansoor Ahmad, General Manager, Movenpick Hotel
Karachi, Pakistan

"Shehzar's artwork is a testament to his passion. Art is Shehzar's true love and that is evident in how much of his soul he pours into project he takes up. Whether its his own on a paper or a wall or its another artists work, Shehzar shows immense respect and a strong desire to learn from it. As an artist I have insane respect for him and wish he continues to break the boundaries set for artists."
- Kainat Sajid
Toronto, Canada

"Based on his enthusiastic proposal and artistic merit, Shehzar Abro was engaged by the office of the Commissioner, Mirpurkhas Division, Mirpurkhas to render an oil painting of the Commissioner House. This painting was commissioned in July 2014. The artist met all his commitments and the end result of the painting was as promised.
The painting is housed in the Office of the Commissioner and completes the office with an elegant touch. Professional, talented and reliable, we are very pleased with Shehzar's work ethic."
- Commissioner's Office, Government of Sindh
Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan

"I found Shehzar to be a diligent, a willing to learn worker with a good dose of common sense and the ability to think issues through thoroughly. He has a wide circle of contacts which he has learnt much from, particularly when one considers his age. It is my belief he will go far in whatever pursuit he focuses upon. He has a real passion with the arts, both as a maker and administrator organizer. He has the ability to grasp initiatives quickly and is adaptable.
I wish him a wonderful future and I realise, the world is his oyster! i.e. he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to and more!"
- Mark Widdup, Director, Cooks Hill Galleries
Newcastle, Australia

"I was really impressed with the quality of work that i got to see from Shehzar, his work is very skilled and expressive.He is a great guy in person and most importantly, the ability to work independently with so much passion is very inspiring for other developing artists all around the world."
- Urooj Abbasi
The Hague, The Netherlands

"Shehzar was recommended by my friend . Very talented and versatile . Shehzar, I would like to say a massive Thank you for a fabulous polo painting. Rich in color, and texture! I could not be happier!!! Thank you for your art and your professional care. I will be back to buy more!!! Your art takes the room! Thank you so much!"
- Sarah Khan
London, United Kingdom

"Shehzar is a world class artist. He is a passionate individual who can communicate his vision for art and it’s place in his life and the world. He is hard working and inspiring to myself as a fellow artist. We happen to have met over social media, where an exhibition that we were both a part of brought us together. I feel extremely privileged to have made this connection in the art world as I know Shehzar is going to take the world by storm as he has in Newcastle and now Sydney. He is dedicated to his craft, becoming world known and making connections. Shehzar also was willing to donate a piece for a fundraiser that I also donated to, his generosity to share his knowledge with me and then his art was truly remarkable. Thank you Shehzar for your friendship and drive, you are my inspiration!"
- Vanessa McDonald, Artist
Newcastle, Australia

"His work is a not just any piece of art, it's not just beautiful and inspirational but there is a bold and confident aura in his work, as if every splash of paint is proud of where it belongs. Every painting speaks for itself and that's the most enigmatically beautiful quality in his work."
- Maryam Sami Khan
Lahore, Pakistan

"As an artist myself, I find Shehzar’s work to be soul gripping. The contrast of colours, form and use of medium has made his work some of the most iconic pieces I’ve come across. The murals and portraits he has completed, the visual designs he has pulled out and executed with so much passion is what also draws me to his work. The energy resonates, and his energy is contagious. Having worked alongside him, I experienced the supportive suggestions and saw his want to think outside the box. His flexible and risk-taking personality adds a lot of favour to the table."
- Nokhez Usama, Artist
Maastricht, The Netherlands

"You're killing it. Your dedication and talent is getting better and better day by day. I'm so proud! And it's an honour to have you paint me. I really appreciate it you know I do!! Keep up the hard work."
- Danielle Weber, Artist
Melbourne, Australia

"Shehzar's work is nothing short of perfection. I believe everyone is born with a unique talent- they just need to search within themselves to find out what it is. I'm so glad Shehzar always knew what he was gifted with. Some people are born artists, and he is definitely one them. I've said this before and I'll say it again.. You are going places, fam!! Keep up the impeccable work!"
- Amna Athar
Toronto, Canada

"One of the most passionate and talented upcoming artists I've had the luck of coming across. His dedication and attention to detail are absolutely astounding."
- Sarah Jang
Montreal, Canada

"Shehzar Abro is truly one of a kind. His art appeals to me on a personal level and his ability to transcend his emotions in his art is a quality which I greatly admire! His work ethic and determination to succeed is simply outstanding. And I am truly proud to call him my friend because he has greatly outdone himself in all respects."
- Safa Fareed
Karachi, Pakistan

"I was Shehzar’s art teacher and he was one of the best students of my class, Shehzar is not only naturally talented in the fields of art and design, but is an extremely motivated student as well. When given any assignment, Shehzar took time to mull over it, discussed the various possibilities of tackling the assignment and chose the one that was most challenging, more often than not coming up with a better result than the rest of the class. Although he is good with most mediums, Shehzar excels at acrylics, working with bold determined strokes."
- Masuma Khwaja, Artist
Karachi, Pakistan

“Shehzar never fails to impress. I’ve known him for years and every new piece he makes is better than the last. He’s constantly growing and I’ve never met anyone with as much passion as Shehzar has for his art.”
- Dua Mariam Chhotani
London, United Kingdom

"I’m a graphic designer who shared a workspace with Shehzar during his time in Newcastle NSW. Seeing his amazing work develop from the ideation stage through to a beautiful finished piece of art was fascinating, the level of skill and speed at which he works is astounding. Watching him create helped inspire me to pick up the pencils and get back into more illustration work myself. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Shehzar’s work in the public eye over the years to come."
- Gray Clack, Designer
Newcastle Australia

"Shehzar's work has never failed to make me proud of him and shows the kind of hard work he puts into making his art pieces as exclusive, unique and creative as he can. Although I tend to not notice paintings and art pieces of such sort too much, his work is truly one of a kind and absorbs one into the fineness of his brush strokes."
- Fatima Zahidi
Toronto, Canada

"Hi, my name is Jason Alzamora I run “El Cholo Food Truck - Latin Munchies on Wheels”. You guys can't miss me as I have the coolest truck around the Newcastle Area and the vision was brought to life by this guy, who has incredible talent. A very humble artist who will work together with you to get the best concept to reality. Amazing artist even greater person and we keep in touch cause we are definitely going to work on some other projects in the time to come . Thank you once again, Shez. You are the man!"
- Jason Alzamora, Owner, El Cholo Food Truck
Newcastle, Australia

"I’m interested in art myself. I was looking at some Instagram profiles when I came across Shehzar’s art page. The moment I saw his work, all I could tell myself was how talented her is. I admire his passion for art. Shehzar, you’re really hitting your stride."
- Serene Balhkhi
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Shehzar Abro is a unique artist. His name is going to go down in world history as one of the best to ever do it. I love my portrait!"
- Baddo Sneh, Musician
Lagos State, Nigeria

"I have gotten so countless compliments on the portrait he made for me, it's unreal! Shehzar Abro is nothing short of brilliant, and that too at such a young age. Wish you all the best on your future endeavours, and can't wait to get my hands on more of Shehzar Abro's works!"
- Shahmir Khawaja
Mississauga, Toronto

"I have known him as both, a curator and as a friend for some months now. He curated one of my group shows, which was held at the Mövenpick Hotel Art Gallery. Despite being his first experience as a curator, he executed the show with great responsibility. When he curated the group show , he was one of the few who was flexible and liberal about the kind of art finalized for the show. The show comprised of diversity in terms of the medium as well as the execution of the theme of the show."
- Maryam Zaidi, Artist
Karachi, Pakistan

"The passion and ambition in Shehzar is always reflected in his art. Be it the portraits or the sceneries, his art makes you feel."
- Bakhtawar Atta
London, United Kingdom