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Part classic animation, part David Lynch and part indescribable, Now Showing is a 10 minute surrealistic trip. Shehzar Abro, a transplant from Karachi, tries to comprehend North American culture by entering the world of the musical Oklahoma! — as an animated avatar!

In Binaural Audio by James Maxwell: Headphones recommended!

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Now Showing was inspired by Fight With a Stick’s 2018 and 2019 stage production Oh What a Beautiful Morning!, in which we playfully investigated the legacy of the iconic, genre-defining American musical Oklahoma! — which receives 800 separate productions a year! Using the 1955 film of Oklahoma! as a reference, each collaborating artist was asked to examine and redefine their relationship to the musical, the world it represents and its cinema-size characters.

Shehzar joins two of the original creators of Oh What a Beautiful Morning! — composer James Maxwell and director Alex Lazaridis, as well as assistant animator, Raech Sardina, for his own exploration, this time using the tools of digital animation.

Now Showing includes short video excerpts from our stage production, featuring performers Hayley Gawthrop and Hin Hilary Leung, video creations from artist Josh Hite, and set constructions from set designer Paula Viitanen.

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Run, Forrest, Run!
Animated Video
Music by Taha G

How do you stay fit during your quarantine? Do you really need to go outside to go outside? This animation simulates the experience of running endlessly.

A VR Experience - For best viewing experience, use a basic VR headset such as Google Cardboard. This should definitely work on a smartphone too!


Keep Going/Good Times
1:45 minutes
(with music from
Lucas Brian Ferreira)
Vancouver, Canada

The world resumes. It has to. We look for the Good in the bad, in these times, you know. We have to. We just have to keep going for a Good time.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I have been exploring the amazing world of 3D. Taking this project as an opportunity to learn simulations, I found that there's so much that you could do with some CG, cameras, and sound. Lucas Ferreira, a Sydney based musician, helped compose the music.

"In Shehzar Abro’s Keep Going / Good Times, this trance-like state morphs into an animation. The video is interspersed with appropriated imagery from futuristic cartoons and abstracted, wave-like patterns, as well as a recurring digital illustration of a donkey revolving within a grid. The discordant, constantly shifting visuals were held together by the ambient sound of Lucas Ferreira’s music, forming a glitchy euphoria." (Hallucinations, A. Gulgee, A. Fahy-Majeed, 2020)

The Trojan Donkey Catalogue

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