I curated a show at the Pakistani Consulate in Sydney

This exhibition showed the works of two photographers who regularly travel within Pakistan to capture it in its essence. Many of us travel beyond our respective homelands for photo opportunities, without fully exploring what our own country has to offer.

Shehzar Abro Artist Curator at Pakistani Consulate

Counting down the days to this photography exhibition, I sat down with Imran Choudhry to talk about his photos. He touched my inner-Pakistani when he spoke:

“I was showing my work at an exhibition in France when multiple people approached me in disbelief that Pakistan was this beautiful. They thought it was Canada or Switzerland or something.”

Chaudhry continued to talk about how in recent times, the image of Pakistan hasn’t been the best through media channels, especially in Europe (where the photographer is based). He felt the need to change this negative image through his camera; by exposing Pakistan for the stunning country that it is.

I was honoured to have been asked to curate this exhibition and thankful to the Consulate General of Pakistan for making it happen.

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